9th Class Course

Learning Made Easier For You



  • Chapter 1

    Number Systems

  • Chapter 2

    Exponents of Real Numbers

  • Chapter 3


  • Chapter 4

    Algebraic Identities

  • Chapter 5

    Factorisation of Algebraic Expressions

  • Chapter 6

    Factorisation of Polynomials

  • Chapter 7

    Introduction to Euclid’s Geometry

  • Chapter 8

    Lines and Angles

  • Chapter 9

    Triangle and its Angles

  • Chapter 10

    Congruent Triangles

  • Chapter 11

    Co-ordinate Geometry

  • Chapter 12

    Heron’s Formula

  • Chapter 13

    Linear Equations in Two Variables

  • Chapter 14


  • Chapter 15

    Areas of Parallelograms and Triangles

  • Chapter 16


  • Chapter 17


  • Chapter 18

    Surface Areas and Volume of a Cuboid and Cube

  • Chapter 19

    Surface Areas and Volume of a Circular Cylinder

  • Chapter 20

    Surface Areas and Volume of A Right Circular Cone

  • Chapter 21

    Surface Areas and Volume of a Sphere

  • Chapter 22

    Tabular Representation of Statistical Data

  • Chapter 23

    Graphical Representation of Statistical Data

  • Chapter 24

    Measures of Central Tendency

  • Chapter 25


2. Interactive Video Classes

  • The entire syllabus for 9th class Maths will be taught as per CBSE pattern.
  • The course will teach students the right approach for problem solving and will prepare them for Mathematics Olympiad, NTSE, Medical and Engineering entrance exams
  • Student will be solving questions in between as well as after the lectures
  • Every Student can individually select the sequence in which the chapters will be taught
  • 4-5 video lectures in a week, for studying exactly as in an offline classroom
  • The lectures will remain with the student for that session so that the lesson can be revised again and again
  • A student will get learning through assignments, invigilation and gaming

3. Online Tests for Maths

  • Questions between and the videos – True/False, MCQ, Fill in the blanks
  • Subjective Homework questions – We believe that mathematics learning happens when a student actually solves questions on her/his own, instead of simply watching a teacher solving them. So, every student will be given 2-3 assignments a week as homework. The homework will be checked by our team of experienced teachers and the student will be guided accordingly.
  • Quiz across five levels of increasing difficulty – Silver, Gold, Diamond, Champion and Ramanujan.
  • Question bank of more than 50,000 questions for every student

4. Doubts Clearance

  • Every student will be connected with a Mentor who will take care of improving her/his performance and will clear all the doubts.

5. Regular Classes

  • On a regular basis, each student will get new lectures which they’ll be attending
  • If a student skips lectures then their parents will be sent a message
  • Each class is of around 50 minutes’ duration
  • There would also be revision classes to prepare the student just before the exams
  • Students can sign up anytime and receive updates, in case they start late

Complete foundation course for all the competitive exams

Doing well in Maths is no mystery – it is easy when taught in a fun way. With interactive video sessions, cool effects, fun puzzles,

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