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Learning maths is meant to be logical. A student must be able to the learn art of problem solving, in general, but the current learning system is making them capable of only solving some specific questions based on rote learning. The biggest mistake which our basic education is making – is teaching them to just to pass the exams – and not making students think beyond the bookish concepts. TruMath ensures that students not only pass the exams, they also learn the art of problem solving and prepare for all further courses. Students will be able to solve any type of questions with proper methodology, which is much needed among children. .

Students can define their own course-work as per which daily lectures will be delivered, for self-pace learning. Every student has access to more than 50,000 questions created by former IITians.

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At TruMath, we believe that one cannot learn maths just by seeing and listening; one learns maths by doing. In between our interactive video lectures, students are made to solve questions just like it is in offline class. So, after 5 minutes there is a question which they must answer and then the lecture is continued. The questions are developed by our experts with intent to improve a student’s learning ability. After lesson is over the student get an assignment which they must solve on paper and submit by taking & sending pictures. These assignments are then graded by our team of experienced teachers, ensuring that every student learns by proactively engaging with their tutor.

By pursuing daily lessons, students will develop logical skills and build a solid base for their future. The interactive video lessons cover all the useful CBSE/ICSE concepts that enhance subjective as well as objective skills.

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What would you do if you could solve Maths questions like playing a fun video game? TruMath is the only online math learning portal that lets you systematically plan the entire syllabus, overcome fear of failing in maths and experience improvements in grades. .

Maths in itself is a game. For truly enhancing the gaming experience, we provide a platform wherein a student plays games of Maths questions, gathers points in leaderboard and competes with friends. Thousands of questions are spread across 5 levels – Silver, Gold, Diamond, Champion and Ramanujan. This makes sure that the grades are improved and student gets active knowledge.

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Doing well in Maths is no mystery – it is easy when taught in a fun way. With interactive video sessions, cool effects, fun puzzles,

and classic game-ups with friends! TruMath is your best chance to overcome your fears, excel in studies and have a satisfying career ahead.