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Welcome to Trumath!

For close to 20 years now, I have devoted myself to preparing students in mathematics for the IIT JEE exam. Many of my students have gone on to do great things and achieve great professional success, and I’m proud of my little part in helping them build a strong foundation in mathematics that helped pave their way.

Over these years, I have often thought about sharing a new way of learning mathematics and my love for the subject, with students all across the country and at all levels. The evolution of internet technology has now made this dream possible, and I’m proud to bring to you TruMath, a platform for students to truly learn and understand mathematics. With TruMath, students will be able to learn in their own homes, at their own pace, in an engaging way that emphasizes conceptual understanding and the joy of problem solving, instead of a race for only grades.


I believe that the study of mathematics gives students the opportunity to take risks, attempt hard problems, make mistakes, and in the process, truly understand a concept, and ultimately expand one’s mind and horizons. Trying to get grades by simply memorizing formulas only serves to limit the potential of a student.

With TruMath, my focus is to make mathematics as interesting to the student as it is to me, and to help him or her learn to really think about a problem to reach a solution. The platform makes my lectures interactive, by letting the student work through problems as part of the session, and then I follow that up with a discussion of the various ways to tackle those problems.






Welcome to Trumath!

By establishing this solid foundation, TruMath will help the student score well not only in school exams, but also in competitive exams like NTSE and Mathematics Olympiad, and later in college entrance exams like IIT JEE, NEET, IIM CAT. Who knows which of these students will end up becoming the next Ramanujan or Einstein or Nadella or Pichai.

Come join me, and let’s start this journey together.

Sachin Gulati


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Complete foundation course for all the competitive exams

Doing well in Maths is no mystery – it is easy when taught in a fun way. With interactive video sessions, cool effects, fun puzzles,
and classic game-ups with friends! TruMath is your best chance to overcome your fears, excel in studies and have a satisfying career ahead.